Don't know what happened to my website please help, i've no programming knowldge. =/

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Hi, i don't know what has happened to my website, its not appearing like it does normally, it showing up like a mobile website even on laptop, please help thank you. my site is @tiptechblog .com looking for help, thanks.
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    Maybe WP-Touch plugin... or your theme.

    Disable any plugins that might "convert" your site to mobile and try again.

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  • Its showing fine on all browser but not internet explorer.
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    For me site looks same on main browsers, IE also. Normal look, not like mobile so looks that problem is fixed.

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    might you saved some preferences for your computer browser, so clear it.
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    It works fine on my google chrome

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    Please try clearing your browsers cache via the instructions available here.

    Please let me know if that works. If not, we'll continue looking for the problem.
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    View source of the page (Right Click and then View Source or similar wording)
    I've had WP Super Cache cause some strange content in IE

    You should be able to access the admin area by going yoursite/wp-login.php
    your site could be using plugins which use a lot of memory which leads to white pages.

    Are you using WordPress? Cool. Have you tried qSandbox yet?

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