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Howdy Warriors,

Maybe some of you are experienced with this and can help me out?

I am launching my first major WSO and I need a straightforward solution to get Warrior

Plus (Adapative Option) and Paypal (IPN Script?) to work together to return an Access

Key to the buyer so that s/he can unlock the product.

I've been researching all over the forum, Warrior Plus, and Paypal to find a simple

novice way to make it work, but it seems no one has the answer.

Can someone walk me thru the process?

1. What URL do you enter in the Warrior Plus listing?
2. How do you setup Paypal IPN option? I only have 1 product.
3. And what is the actual script that returns a simple code?

Warrior Plus has the below info in their KB? It looks like almost it, but I need some

help to get it actually implemented. Also I found this post, but the actual script

wasn't posted...



You can create a key generation script, which will display information on the WSO Pro

"thank you" page. This can come in handy if you need to supply information on the

"thank you" page such as a specific access key, or login information.

The script will accept only the initial Paypal IPN information. In other words, it

will not accept a recurring IPN for subscriptions.

The script you create can do any tasks that you may need it to, including call any of

the IPN variables, however it is limited to 512 characters, and can only have very

simple/basic HTML tags such as <p>, <br>, <strong>, <em>. In order to have the output

displayed on the page, all you have to do is "echo" the output from your script.

As an example, if you are creating a random key, you could do something similar to


$randomKey = randomKeyFunction; //Function that creates key
$userName = $_POST['first_name']; //Buyers name from IPN

echo "<p>Hello <em>". $userName ."</em>.<br>Your generated key is: ". $randomKey

."</p>"; //This is what is displayed on the "thank you" page.

You can find a complete list of Paypal IPN variables, as well as some documentation on

its uses here:

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    Let me try to answer your questions:

    1. In IPN Forwarding URL you need to specify URL to your php script which will fetch PayPal IPN data. I'm using this to add user to a database and generate a key for users.

    Second field - Key Generation URL: again path (URL) to your php script where your script will fetch transaction id. Then, use that transaction id to match user in your database which you added in IPN forwarding script. From there you can send registration key back to Warrior+

    2. There is a tutorial on W+ on how you can write this. As you mentioned above you can use this code
    $userName = $_POST['first_name'];
    to fetch PayPAl IPN data.

    3. You can use simply php echo to return key to Warrior+

    Hope it helps
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      Hey 1stranked,
      Thanks for your to-the-point reply! It did help!

      Looks pretty simple ... so I will try to make it happen this weekend and will post update here if I am successful.

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    Do you need to generate an access key such as a product activation key to unlock software, or just secure the download page? WP File lock works flawlessly with warrior pro and paypal if you just need to secure access to the download page. It generates a user name and password to a secure page on your site with every purchase and emails it to the buyer.
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