Can Smart phones measure frequency levels in sound?

by JimOrr
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I have been asked to get a quote on a phone app that will require it to monitor for a sound and then depending on the frequency range come back and display a certain message.

First thing I need to find out and what my question is here, is there anything in a smart phone that can measure sound frequency? If not is that something that can be programed into the app?

I am hoping someone here may know the answer to this.
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    phones have microphones.. they record sound.. this data can be used to extract frequency data, however depending on the levels it can be distorted. So it depends on what kind of frequencies you're talking about...
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    The phone itself cannot do this but an app can be written that can.

    As mentioned its accuracy will depend on the quality of the phones microphone.

    Its going to be expensive and I doubt you can use a 'seattle clouds' type app builder for it.

    At the very least you will need to implement an FFT on the sound.
    You will need to hire a programmer with a good knowledg of physics / mathematics

    Here is a short paper on a similar project to give you some idea of what will be involved:
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    I've seen my friends talking about it but i didn't look at the app

    Rock,Paper, Scissors. Always choose Rock thrice!

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    SteveSRS is right. The mic and computer can determine it. You ARE limited by the mike sensitivity, background noise, etc... though. Don't think it will detect ultrasonic, for example. It probably won't.

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