How do i create a payment gateway for my friends site?

by ish
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Hi guys.

My friend has a chauffeur business and he has a website where people can book taxis for airport transfers.

He can accept payments via paypal but he wants to create a payment option where the money goes straight into his bank account.

How would he go about programming this?

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    Originally Posted by ish View Post

    he wants to create a payment option where the money goes straight into his bank account.
    I believe the only way that's possible is for him to setup a "merchant account" that's connected to his business bank account - which is nowhere near as simple as using a 3rd party online payment processor (like Paypal) to handle the payments.

    The setup process will be different for each merchant account provider, so if your friend wants more info, just tell him to Google "merchant account providers".

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    There are a couple solutions. One way would be via a merchant account like Brandon stated. The other would be for your friend to get his company listed with the local banks as a 'Payee' for their online payments. So they can just pay for the service through their online banking.

    I have integrated a direct payment through beanstream before, not too hard:
    they get transferred to the interac website and have to select their bank and input online banking username/password. The money is transferred instantly.
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    Merchant account.
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      Originally Posted by Blake Michelutti View Post

      Merchant account.
      Yep. No substitute for a merchant account when you reach a certain volume of payments. There's no shortage of options out there - it might be an idea to choose the same company who you do your banking with to save fees.
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    Stripe will send money directly to his Checking Account. However it is not instant they do weekly transactions.
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    Thanks for all your great input guys...really appreciate it!
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