I'd like to make it so my customers don't have to watch the entire VSL when revisiting

by sjy156
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I have a 20+ minute VSL on my sales page. Right now the page is set up so that the "buy now" button and some short sales copy doesn't show up until almost the end of the video.

I'd like to make it so that on the second and subsequent visits from a prospect the "buy now" and sales copy show up right away, without them even having to watch the video.

Is this an easy piece of code I can work with, or something a lot more involved?
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    You would have to use cookies in order to do that. Then use conditional logic to check each visitor to see if a cookie has been set. If so, then immediately trigger the script that displays the sales copy / buy button. If not, then set a cookie for subsequent visits.

    Regarding how to integrate that with your current script, I would need to see your existing code. Should be a fairly simple job though.

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    I think it would depend on the player that you are using. I notice that Youtube seems to have a function were if you leave a video then come back it takes you to the place were you left at.

    They have their own custom player. So maybe a cookie that sets how much of the video you have watched.

    shouldn't be to difficult


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      Its simple to do. Use Wista and they have that built in. When you return it starts back where you left off.
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