Please help which one is good for me zennoposter or ubot?

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I cant afford both softwares at the moment.
I would like to make some multithreaded bots which support proxies.
it includes account creation and increasing twitter followers and instagram followers.Which one is good for me zp or ubot.
I have made some bots in imacros (firefox addon) already but imacros cant be multithreaded because if i create seperate profiles in firefox then it eats up all the ram usage and starts doing system hang.
Also i need multithreading,captcha decpatcher service and proxy support
Also is there any discount available in these two?
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    Ubot. And you can style the apps you make for people beautifully.
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    Ubot, I have used it. But its very unstable. You should learn a solid language, like Python or PHP. Get to work learning basics with MIT Scratch Scratch - Imagine, Program, Share
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    Marketing Education Online - Good guides to grow traffic and sales.
    Cerebro Digital
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    so you guys suggest me ubot?
    My friend recommend zennoposter because ubot gets crashed and has bugs.
    He has tried both zp and ubot
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    ubot is much better. Its more robust and flexible in use and there is more room for learning. It also gives you more options.
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      Originally Posted by adammiller44 View Post

      ubot is much better. Its more robust and flexible in use and there is more room for learning. It also gives you more options.
      many people said it has bugs and it crashes
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    ubot isnt perfect no, but the community work really hard to make sure that you can do anything that you want to do with it. I have used ubot happily for several years.
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    For my money "UBOT" studio 5, I think the latest release seems to work best. From what I have experienced the bugs have been ironed out (a lot of them) and the technology- browsers, servers and PC's are all starting to hit the home stretch of working more harmoniously, (ha ha until the next great technology thing comes along).
    Also, I had some issues and "UBOT" support was very helpful.
    Unfortunately I never have even considered the "Ziinie" software. Check out the "UBOT" video tutorials, the recent ones, and the updated FAQ's maybe there are some settings/work arounds that you can incorporate if you are having serious issues. Again the customer support stepped up for me!
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    Hello guys

    Just wanted to add my 2 cents. A lot of users judge on ZennoPoster based on it's 3rd version cause it was leaked several years ago and avialable in public as cracked software. This version is totally outdated and not even close to ZennoPoster 5 that we offer to our clients now. We have free demo version which you can download here:

    Download Demo-version |

    Demo is fully functional but has some limits:

    - program works for 14 days only
    - 1 thread (as ZennoPoster Lite)
    - doesn't support proxies
    - doesn't support anticaptcha services

    But it's enough to check and test it's functions to realise what you can do with it And actually you can do a LOT.
    Also we offer 30 days money back guarantee if you decide to purchase our software

    Wish you all a good day )
    Use ref code MENTALPOWER with your purchase and get VIP skype support and coaching from moderator of ZennoLab forums!
    This will be the last tool you will ever buy. ===> DOWNLOAD FREE DEMO NOW! <===
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      I stick to ubot. Zenno Poster is not even the same league, because it is not a program that makes programs. It is a fancy macro tool with multi-threading.

      Ubot is a program that makes programs, visually. There shouldn't even be a comparison between the two.

      If you want to make programs and sell them, ubot is the way to go. If you want to automate your own work on one machine then get Zenno.
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    I have both ZP as well as ubot

    ZP is good if you don't want to sell bots, it is much more stable then UBOT.

    The only advantage with UBOT is that you can make exe and sell your bots, you can even do something similar with ZP but then again who ever wants to run the ZP based bots/templates, need to pay some small fees to ZP, you probably need some small software which will run those templates/bots in it

    ZP is fast and stable and even includes a proxy checker/searcher in it

    With UBOT you can create your own proxy checker/searcher

    Again ubot crashes a lot, specially if you are working on a big bot/project

    IF you want to just automate stuff for yourself go for ZP, if you want to sell bots go for UBOT

    I hope it helps

    HostEONS - SSD KVM VPS, Dedicated servers and cPanel Web Hosting
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    We used both. Zennoposter is more stable and more powerfull.
    You can buy our bots for zennoposter (web20 account creators and posters). Often updates
    ZenBLOG is automate to create many blogs on popular blog platform - limited time offer
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    Thanks to everyone for the kind words. We are always working to make UBot Studio better, and if anyone has any suggestions, please send them my way.

    As always, if you have any additional questions about UBot Studio, please feel free to ask us at

    To see our continued development, visit

    To join our forum of excited users, visit UBot Underground.

    And to see UBot Studio in action: UBot Studio Video Tutorials

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    I'll have to chime in here...

    I own both.....

    I actually use UBot on a daily basis.

    I rarely even open ZP.....

    All The Best,

    Rich Beck BCIP, MCSD, MCIS
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      Originally Posted by RichBeck View Post

      I'll have to chime in here...

      I own both.....

      I actually use UBot on a daily basis.

      I rarely even open ZP.....

      All The Best,

      Rich Beck BCIP, MCSD, MCIS

      Same here, I also own them both, I use UBot more for the ease of use compared to ZennoPoster, however that same ease of use also makes UBot bots a class of "Me Too" bots, whatever bot you create will be duplicated inside of no time at all thus de-valuing your bot, if you can create it, so can anyone else.
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    Hi Guys,

    zenno poster is a great tool it is very fast to make a bot, and for me crashes are rare i often use it to make a working version before i make the bot in python if i am going to sell it. For me zenno poster works every time the only down side is you can't sell the bots... well you can but the fee's per client is very highh
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    I'd probably have to say uBot for you.
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    is zennoposter still active ? because the main thread is closed ?
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    I have both and they are quite different.

    Zennoposter is easier to automate websites with and more flexibel than ubot when you look in to the features. Also it's better suited for larger bots.

    Ubot wins when it comes to building redistributable bots since you compile an executable and sell it or give it away for free. Zennoposter asks 10 dollars per user for your "compiled" bot and this is quite painfull. Ubot also allows to add a user interface to your bots, while with zennoposter you can do this too, it is somewhat a workaround.

    building bots for yourself => zennoposter
    building bots for reselling/give away to multiple clients => ubot
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    Ubot seems to be detected by CL.
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      Great stuff here. I think all of this can get the writer on the "right" track. One more thing I would add is to just really determine for yourself what you would like to do with the bots. You can also sell ubot as an affiliate and make some really healthy commissions.
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