Are you losing traffic, leads and sales because of technology?

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Im not really gifted in programming, so I do have a programmer and a developer.

But because I recently created my own products, I started to see problems faced by product owners, used to just do affiliate stuff.

One of the recent concern is advancement of technology.

Luxury of choice.

There is Window IE, there is FireFox, and of cos Chrome.

Each of them keeps updating their browsers which is good.

Then I found out that some times certain features of my site doesn't work on IE, but works on others. And vice versa.

That is between different browsers, then comes another issue, within the same browser type.

You have different versions.

All of which you cant control.

If you lead falls on your page and he is using IE, and certain features just doesn't work. Then you might lose him.

Or even if he was using a compatible browser, it may not be updated.
Same thing, you might lose him.

Because I remember myself stumbling upon a few websites that caught my attention.
But because the features didn't work, like some buttons weren't clickable or I just cant login, I gave up.

Sometimes I press on to find out why, and their support tells me to use a certain browser, but I just didn't bother after that.

So this will affect businesses, causing them to lose valuable leads.

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    Most of the content you put on a site will work with any browser but there are ways to test your site. There are sites that allow you to test your site in multiple browsers.
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      Hey thanks for stopping by.

      Any sites to recommend here?

      But is there a way to make all features compatible with ALL browsers and ALL versions? At least the last 3 updates.
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    Yes, I think it does happen that leads are lost due to browser incompatibilities, which is unfortunate. Browser compatibility has long been an issue in creating webpages, and other than detecting the browser and making sure your page offers alternative CSS/JavaScript for all the browsers you want to support, you can also ensure compatibility by going as low-tech as possible, like a plain HTML page.
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