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Alex Antoniazzi 17th May 2016 02:53 AM

DOG NICHE: Selling Banners, E-Mail Blasts, And Product Reviews
Advertise Your Dog Business Or Website On BrightDog Academy

Listen, no matter how great your product, service, or website is, it means NOTHING if potential customers don’t know you exist.

If you want to grow your product, service, or website, you need traffic and brand awareness.

But the thing is, you don’t want untargeted traffic. UNTARGETED TRAFFIC IS USELESS!

Imagine this:

You have a great new business that sells an amazing product for cleaning the interior of cars and you want to start advertising it online.

There are two options available for where you can run ads.

Option 1 is on a website that teaches you how to cook vegetarian meals.
Option 2 is on mercedes.com

Which option do you think is going to bring you in the most customers?

If you have a great pet or dog related product, service, or website, then you ONLY want traffic that cares about pets and dogs.

And the traffic that comes through BrightDog Academy is EXACTLY that.

Highly target traffic is the most valuable traffic there is
and that is what I can offer through my site.

As you will see I have a few options for advertising from banners, to product reviews, to e-mail blasts.

I am here to personally work with you and help you with your marketing needs.

These are the basics of what I offer but I am always open to customizing campaigns on an individual basis.

A Quick Glance At BrightDog Academy’s Traffic

Women: 74.6%
Men: 25.4%

Top 3 Age Groups In Order:

Top 3 Locations:
United States: 55%
United Kingdom: 10%
Canada: 8%


March Vistors: 27,402
March Pageviews: 37, 440

April Vistors: 58, 459
April Pageviews: 71, 426

(May 1st – May 17: will update total traffic June 1st but expecting to hit 100,000 this month)

May Visitors: 68, 034
May Pageviews: 75, 772

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