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DanielFonda 6th September 2009 04:24 PM

Increase your website pr with backlinks (cheap)
Hi fellow warriors.
For years I have been working with websites and SEO.
I've been working as a webdesigner for something like 6 years now.
I've been working as an article writer for something like 2 years now.
And I have been working as a SEO expert for 4 years now.

It has been only two years back that I found out what is the key for SEO in the 2008 2009 and for the future.

The key is to build as many backlinks and have as much content as possible.
Adwords campaigns do help, but you need a very large amount of money to test the various campaign options, to maximize the value of the money spent.

That is why I decided to offer my SEO services to YOU!

That's right! I'm offering you guys the possibility to get high quality permanent backlinks from relevant sites for as low as 10$!

There's more: if you have a blog and you are ready to give up upon it, I'm offering you my services as a blogger.

The last service I would like to offer is article writing.
-There isn't a better way to publish your website then trough article writing and article submissions. That's why I'm offering YOU, fellow warriors 500+ word articles for as low as 7$ (includes submission to article directories).


150 relevant backlinks - 10$
(I do include a spreadsheet with links to all of your permanent- relevant, backlinks)


Taking care of a blog:
25$ per week

(Daily 150+ word posts)
-updating the blog regularly
-pm answering
-tech. support

Article writing:
up to 500 words - 7$
(price may vary for 1000 and 1500)
-Video and/or audio transcriptions cost less!
-Optional: free article directory submitting!

This is my offer. Please contact me via pm or leave a reply in this post.

I'm available via skype, msn, yahoo, etc.
Also you can contact me via my email.
Payment can be carried out via paypal, moneybookers or western union!

NicoRoddz 7th September 2009 10:52 AM

Re: Increase your website pr with backlinks (cheap)

What kind of links you offer?

DanielFonda 7th September 2009 02:05 PM

Re: Increase your website pr with backlinks (cheap)
I offer high quality permanent links from blogs, articles, etc.

NicoRoddz 8th September 2009 06:31 AM

Re: Increase your website pr with backlinks (cheap)
PM details please. I will try.

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