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Matty1784 9th September 2009 04:49 AM

1500 XRumer Backlinks - SERP1/2 listing - 20 €

I have some free resources and would like to offer you an XRumer submission service. (PLEASE DO NOT SEND ME PMs! Write an answer to this thread including your email and I will contact you).

I have 3 years IM experience and a few months XRumer experience. Got 5 SERP1 listings with XRumer for expensive gambling keywords.

For 20€ you send me a list of up to 5 links (to your own sites and/or parasites like your article or videos) & 5 keyword sets (*). I will check your onpage SEO and do submissions. You will see at least 1500 backlinks at all (~ 300 backlinks/page if you send me 5 links).

I will submit so that you have a good chance to get a SERP1/2 ranking. Please make sure that your domain is at least 6 month old and has over 100 whitehat backlinks. Backlinks will be from forum profiles and blogs (similar to "Angela Backlinks")

yourdomain.com/yourpage.htm keyword1, keyword2, keyword3

PS: This is a test offer. I just have some free resources bcz I got a 100MBit connection. If you order a 2nd submission this will cost a bit more. Do not write me PMs, only contact is email. 20€ has to be paid BEFORE I start submission. You will see links in 7 days (max 10 days untill you see all your 1500 links in Yahoo site explorer). I will check your sites before to make sure that we will not run into problems. Anyway maybe do not let me submit for domains that make you 5 figures/month for risk management.

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