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groovyonlineinc 6th August 2012 05:30 PM

Guestpost on an ambitious new site launch
Hi everyone!
I. Am. Excited about my new site, and this new model! But I can't get the content done on my own, and want to share this chance with the Warriors, as you guys who participate will 'get it'!

My new site is launching at the end of August, and built into it's vibe for anyone who is willing to help me assemble the necessary content, are all the amazing benefits of a quality backlink(s), rabid traffic, plus a decent shot at not only becoming an internet authority in even the most competitive of niches, but ongoing media exposure offline.

The site is NOT IM specific, but has a more broad magazine style topic focus with a particular consistent posting style. Topics are those of recent events in Sports, Music, Finance, Politics, World, Health and Technology. I only need so many pieces for each category, so first come first serve. Current topics could include such things like the "debt crisis", the recent Curiosity Mars Probe landing, or Usain Bolt's career.

If you have a passion for anything, if you truly in your gut feel for something that fits neatly in those topics, this unique opportunity is a chance for you to make your mark. I often use the example of my friend James, who has been a Beatles fan since age 6, is a musician himself. Well, with his participation as a "member curator", if he wishes, he now gets to have his say in a format that could include even media exposure... authority, influence, and satisfaction.

My hope is the new site becomes as authoritative as Wikipedia. I know, shooting pretty high. But innovation often comes from the least expected corners of the net, and I think I've put together a unique model that gets a crowdsourcing site going fast with lots of social engagement feeding on itself.

If I'm right about this, it's a chance to have internet real estate on a Squidoo or Reddit-like site... high PR backlink, high traffic, possible profit sharing, etc! A real asset to any online presence.

All that is required is a specific type of simple post on an appropriate topic we agree on. For those of you who use VAs, this is a no-brianer. Your VA researcher can do this with almost no instruction. To ensure that the content has some human interest, I recommend adding some of your own personality. Hand that off to me for review, and if it's all to "spec", we get your bio, and post the page. We then start promotion of that page on our end.

If this sounds interesting to you, great. I only expect to work with a few key people for this round, and some faith is required from you for this, as I require some secrecy, so a skype call may be in order. So, pls PM me what current event or topic you want to get together, and what you would add to the topic for interest. If that 'fits', I'll provide you more on the guidelines, the site, and an additional opportunity I can't reveal here, where we JV on some Lead Generation marketing using your page, with additional promotion of your own facebook fan or google page.

There is no long term commitment, if all you want is a guest post on a growing domain, that's fine. Long term inclusion, privileges and benefits will be discussed at length after soft launch.

So PM me, if your interested. Thanks!

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