Does SILO structure still work well after Panda 4.1?

by Seko
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I have a medical tourism website which is created on SILO structure. It was working well so far with only directory submissions like Yahoo, and the other good ones. SILO makes a lot of sense in my opinion for a website not only for search engines, user friendly as well. However, after this Panda 4.1, my some important keywords lost ranking. Homepage url is still ranking at the first place which has no decent traffic though. But some other keywords gone to the second page. I have no any thin and duplicate content. However, the other websites who don't have even SEO or very limited is ranking at the top of Google.

My question is that did i get hit by Panda? Is this just temporarily losing rankings and it will back to the game? I have no any clear idea how to fix this problem if i got hit by Panda. SILO structure can cause this penalty?

Because as an example that my many keywords are in this path;

I just try to make sure what the real problem is before doing any changes which might make everything worse.
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    Not sure what your problem is but it is not the silo structure. Silo structure is still a great site structure to have.

    Make sure you do not have any unnecessary links linking out and loosing link juice.

    There may be more factors in your rankings like what kind of back links do you have. You may need some more quality relevant back links.
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    If you were penalized you'd know it because usually when an algo update hits you'll get thrown a lot farther than 2nd page.

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      Originally Posted by Andrew S View Post

      If you were penalized you'd know it because usually when an algo update hits you'll get thrown a lot farther than 2nd page.

      Yes, you are totally right. It was so complicated to understand why some keywords ranking ok and some went to the second page. But it should be something different than penalized. Glad to hear that my website ok with this, thanks..
      I have checked the competitor websites for those lost ranking keywords, God! some of them 3-4 months old websites, some of them don't even target those keywords. Hope Google knows what they are doing
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