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I pretty much know I can get a decent quality score on Google with a Campaign, I failed losing like $100.00 in a day. Being on a tight budget can I use a $25 a day budget not be on first page and still make a buck or 2?

Also,since I changed the billing limit from 25 to 100.00 a day it says I will be billed every 200.00 dollars I can't figure out how to change this.

I want to try again just gun shy lol I have been doing article marketing but with slow sales. I only get sales on one niche I have been in and think I can ramp it from article marketing and may push it to PPC.

Some of you pros out there what was your first PPC budget before you were making some decent bank?

Everywhere I look it says you need quite a bit to start in order to see decent results. But then I look at products like Infomillionaire it says budget $25 a day is decent.
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    The thing about budgeting $200 is because you might using the postpay method, so Google charges you more and more when you advertise more. If you start by a low budget they will charge you $100 at a time, if you spend those money they will increase the limit, etc.

    From my oppinion the budget deppends on each niche. It deppends a lot on what the CPC is on that campaign so there's not a default $25/day budget for all niche sites.

    Hope it helps,
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