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I used google to search for some keywords, also google shows related searches. My question is, some related searches seems what I would think, myself and competitors would search and not real customers.

I hope that makes sense, do customers use long tail keywords or 1 or 2 keyword searches?
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    its not exactly black and white for an answer - real people, or customers search everything!

    The point of longtail vs single keywords are more like - 'how close is this person to actually spending money'

    Someone searching for 'laptops' - might be less inclined to open their wallet with the first thing they see,

    on the other hand long tail 'Dell Xperion 360 14" screen discount' is probably already having their credit card in hand ready to buy.

    to be clear - you can convert traffic from both of these scenarios - the 2nd being possibly a lot easier than the first. - and WAY easier to rank for.

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    You don't have to believe what Google says - not all the times

    Let me add something here.

    You just don't need to find what customers are searching for, instead you also need to make sure what you are offering them with? Where you step in with your offer in the entire buying process?

    For instance, if you are making money from Google adsense only, you don't need to look for buying keywords instead you need to publish content that's valuable for the readers. Here you need to find customer issues and not what they are interested to buy.

    What customers are searching for is not a simple question to answer.

    Yes, people use both long as well as short tail keywords and sometimes they use just any phrase.
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