What is the best tool to check your google ranking?

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I have been using webmaster tools and analytics to keep an eye on keywords and where they are ranked. The problem is it does not give you any details - like what is ranked at a specific position, and Which google it's ranked for (different countries).

I have a ranking in webmaster tools for 5.0 for one of my pages, but it gets no traffic, and the keyword has very high search volume. Is there a tool out there to give you more information on what is ranked and where?
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    Serpbook is good and there are discounts around if you google for it.
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    Check out tools like Wordtracker or Wordstream - find out how your keywords sit with other keywords.
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      Google Webmaster Tools. It's free and believed to be accurate despite past controversy. No idea why people always overlook it.
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    I like Rankwatch. It is more than just a rank checker though.

    SerpFox would be my second choice.
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    Thank you very much for the replies. I will look into these options.
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    Google analytics is a free tool to check your traffic.
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    There are so many tool for checking google ranking but accordingly to me if you find your keyword ranking manual it is more benefit for you and it also give actual report.
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    Agreed with manojbhai424. If you wann accurate report you should check your keywords manually by searching in google
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      Don't do a manual search to check your rankings. It's time-consuming and inaccurate given the personalization of search results. Webmaster Tools. SIMPLE.
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    I love rank checker from seobook. Rank checker is an free firefox extension, install it from seobook seo tools. Its easy to use, it will check top 200 results, not only Google you can also check for Yahoo and Bing rankings. For Google you can check rankings at country level

    My second option is lxrseo rankchecker

    try out any of those above
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    There are a number of ways you can do that!

    Way 1: The Free Way

    You can simply check your Google rankings manually using any modern browser in private mode. Remember to clear the cache before you do that and note that your IP address affects the results.

    Way 2: Using Free SEO Tools

    There are many free SEO tools around that you can use, a quick list can be found here. Those SEO tools allow you to track your rankings provided that the number of keywords you are tracking are limited. For large number of keywords and websites, you might need to have an API key or you simply need to register to one of those paid services online for tracking keywords.

    Way 3: Paid Services

    There are many paid services around like proranktracker, micrositemasters and many others. However, if you are running only one website and your keywords are limited, i don't think there is any need for a paid service.

    Google analytics does not give you a precise accurate ranking data. At the same time, it does provide lots of information for you to know how your site is performing and stuff.

    In summary, depending on the size of your website and your marketing campaign you must choose the option that suits you the most. In most cases, there is no need for any paid service as long as your targeted keywords are less than 50.

    Hope that helps!
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    The best tools to check google rankings is google adpreview & diganostic tool which helps in attaining the best ranking possible..
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    Pr checker is also a good tool to find the ranking and here is the another site for ranking,
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      I like Rankwatch tool to check Google rankings. However i check manually as well for the keywords dropped in ranking.
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    My personal favourite is rank tracker. I am sure you can get a free trial if you want to test it out before buying.
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    Depending on what browser you are using (either Chrome or Firefox) search for any extension or add-on that displays your PageRank. That is what it's called. You can choose from a lot of them. Just install them in your browser.

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    Use Google Webmaster Tools for your site. It will show your positions in the search engine and show which keywords you show for.
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    SemRush, Rank Tracker by PowerSuite are my best toys though no tool is 100% guaranteed anyway.
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    Google Webmaster tool is the best tool for check your google ranking.
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    Position 5 for web search? or image search? or video search? Google show the best position for keyword for any kind of search.

    Look at my world :) webblogi.com

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    I would recommend serpbook
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      i used whatsmyserp .U can check many keyword"s for your site rank.AND ITS FREE.
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    I use Rank Reporter WP plugin. It pwnz.
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    Have you tried Traffic Travis?

    Search Engine Tools

    This is my Personal preferred main collection of subtools. It composes of Position/Ranking/SERP Tool, Top Sites for Keywords, Backlinks to site, and Project Report subtools.
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    I usually use google analytisc, aherf and seoweb analytisc to check google ranking. I used to take regularly to check keywords
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    For my own site I just fire up a private browser and type my keywords in manually.

    Client reports? Rank Tracker or the one that I get with my Bright Local account. It's easy to white label and I just shoot them a link to it in their email.
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    Pro rank tracker is good.

    You can get free account and track 50 keywords.
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    Semrush , Serpbook, are the best google ranking tools.
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    This is a very good and simple tool to check your Google Ranking. I can recommend to you.
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    i personally use ezee rank tracker.
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    I am using google also keyword planer because both tool free and good
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    there are no any original tool for checking the keyword ranking in google. manual ranking checking is best practices for website. you should know about website keyword ranking then check manually.
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      Originally Posted by cybertech View Post

      there are no any original tool for checking the keyword ranking in google. manual ranking checking is best practices for website. you should know about website keyword ranking then check manually.
      The problem is when it's not on the top 10 pages, it's difficult to sift through after that and expect to easily find it. Even something that gives a reasonably detailed ball park figure, and for which google (images - other countries?)
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    I have used couple of tools for that reason but i think Google webmaster tools is good for Google page rank calculation & the other side you can use seoquake toolbar to know all of your website rank in one toolbar, it is good because just download the toolbar & install it & very easily you will find your rank like Google, Alexa, semarsh & many other also you can use seomaster.com to check your present position.
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      If you want to know your google page rank just install webrank toolbar where you everything.
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