Let's say you have a brand new niche site or blog...

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... how would you start link building? What would you do in the first week, in the first month, etc.? Do you know any proven link building service on WF for new sites?
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    Well i have a new blog, and the first thing i'm doing is adding a lot of content to it. I wouldn't even consider building links if you don't have 20+ pieces of content.

    That being said, it's best just to have a couple of good backlinks instead of loads of them. If you need help check out a site called backlinko dot com, that guy is the best source for building backlinks you can find.
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    And your blog links on YouTube, Facebook, Pinterest, Linkedin, Google+ and Twitter.

    This would be a good place to get started

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    I would go along with both of these recommendations.

    Start with building up some content on your site. No it doesn't have to be 20 posts or anything like that.

    Write a series of five posts on a single topic.

    Then create social profiles for your new website. Google+, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Pinterest are my recommendations. Syndicate your five posts and your new homepage on those channels.

    Then go to StumbleUpon and drop 10 bucks to get some visitors to your site. Use the inner URL's. That increases the chance they will restumble your content, and increase the reach.

    Then you can start slowly building some brand and URL links to your website with one or two high authority links with keyword anchor text.
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