The site's ranking becomes worse, please tell me what i can do????

by ivyliu
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After Google updates, the site's ranking becomes worse.
i refer to some site and their suggestion, and I have no warning messages on GWT
In addition to submit disavow links on Google webmaster, please suggest me other methods what should I do now and how I can rank the site again.

Looking for the expert's solution.
Thank you so much!!!!!!
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    Now Start doing seo for your website with building quality backlinks through relevant websites and getting more socialized on social websites.
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    did you bought 1000 links from fiver ?
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    First of all you need to be sure that you have a penalty... With every update rolled out by G there is always going to be winners and losers... Your site may not have a penalty but impacted from sites which are weaker and hence provide weaker juice... So in turn your site slips down... Now- that is not a penalty - but is often confused as being so with web masters rushing to disavow...

    So check your backlinking profile and also check to see how well your site responds to search...
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    CHeck your backlinks from GWT and find which links are spammy, then start sending request mails to the website owners to remove your links, send atleast 3 mails for each site in a time gap of 7 days. Few will remove directly and few may ask amount to remove, if you wish pay them token amount and make your site clean by removing spamy links, then you can see your rankings again. Start building quality backlinks from now
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    yey i have heard this phrase so much after Penguin3.0. phrases like "wow my position droped from 3 to 54" what is going on? its all because of penguin3.0. maybe your rankings will return after next update but maybe they wont. its all about drip feeding now...
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