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I started learning SEO some days ago. I want to create dofollow comment backlinks for my blog. After hours of work i have failed to find a single website for comments that has high page rank ( 2 or up) and is dofollow :? How do you find such blogs?

Please help
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    If you don't want to tank your site before it gets started, I would read a little more before doing something so stupid.

    First - PageRank hasn't been updated in like a year, and it's not going to be updated again. The number you see with any tool you're using is a year old. Now, that could be good - pages could be showing PR 0 when they're really higher. But for the most part, I'd suggest that as part of any updates that are going on, many pages are losing pagerank. Only google knows the real answer.

    Second - comments are generally available on blog posts. Blog posts start out with PR n/a, and if a link from the home page rolls off, it's probably going to stay N/A unless someone is building links to the post to give it more authority. Generally that will only happen if the blog is cool enough that tons of people share individual post links all over the place, or the owner is doing SEO to get it to rank. If they're doing that - they will not be letting you place links on it, or chances are they're blasting it with crap and it will become a TOXIC link instead of a good one.

    Third - Blog comments are just BAD links. Blog comments are routinely spammed, and even if you put a link on a page that looks OK a year from now the bots will have found it and probably spammed it up.

    You might get some random traffic from a reader clicking on your link, but generally people know you're spamming a link (you try to keep spam links off YOUR blog right?). If they don't - a million other spammers with bots will find it and totally trash it.

    Blog commenting a few here and there, building up a relationship with the author and providing value, might get you a guest post or a real link some day. But the backlink you're going to get from a comment is going to be CRAP, and if you don't balance that out with real links - your site isn't going to go anywhere.
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      He' probably been reading SEO advice that is 3 or 4 years old

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