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Hi Folks,
I was wondering if its safe to build fivver backlinks to my web2.0 sites. My web 2.0 sites have no pagerank. However I do put links to my money sites from those web2.0 properties.
If its safe what kind of backlinks should i buy to those web 2.0.
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  • I would stay away from fiverr. Do you really think you're going to get value from fiverr seo? And never use fiverr to link to your money site.
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    I understand that. I am not doing seo service to my money sites, but just the tier two sites pointing to my money sites. Thanks
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      Originally Posted by Dukulal View Post

      I understand that. I am not doing seo service to my money sites, but just the tier two sites pointing to my money sites. Thanks
      And you don't think the knuckleheads on fiverr know that, and know what your money sites

      I can't even think of a time I would pay even 5 lousy bucks to build backlinks to backlinks.

      You are essentially competing against yourself.


      If you were disappointed in your results today, lower your standards tomorrow.

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        You can get better seo service from fiverr if your work is done by professional seo expert and must see the review of your seller. I think fiverr is the largest marketplace.
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          Don't waste your time OP. Instead, try searching Fiverr for some guest posting opportunities. Ask to see the domain of the seller first and put it through some scrutiny, you'd be surprised the quality you can find from webmasters who have little idea of the value their blog actually has.

          I have gotten 3 guest posts in the fitness niche from bloggers with low OBL, active followings, and great domain PR.

          This is a MUCH better use of your $5
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    You are better off doing it yourself.

    They use spun content which will hurt your overall ranking experience.
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    Hey i think Fiverr is not providing any good backlinks .
    if you need manual high PR web 2.0 then PM me i will let you know the process of web 2.0 posting .
    shoot me on skype :brandboyzsupport
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    No fiver don't get any quality backlinks so you should use best SEO or SMO technique for get better results.

    Link Dropping is a forum sin.

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      Not only that the websites you will get backlinks from are low quality, but they also contain thousands of other links, from clients just like you.

      Just look at the most popular gigs on Fiverr...most of them are SEO related.
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    It's all about quality backlinks. Cutting corners and going for cheaper options is not always the best option if your building a long term business.
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    Fiverr is good for infographics and the odd guest post. 99% off the SEO "gigs" on there are absolute rubbish, but if you know what to look for there are some bargains.
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    I've used them and they are fine. However, keep these things in mind. Use a GSA gig which offers something like 500 links but will spread to each website. I usually created 5 x Web 2.0 properties so have the gig split 500 into 5 so 100 links each. Next, use LSI keywords when you provide them keywords.

    DO NOT send them EXACT keywords but try and send relevant keywords to both your targeted and Web 2.0 properties. Also, hopefully you've set them up correctly with content, anchors and keywords. That's the most important when using Web 2.0 for backlinking.
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    Seeing some Fiverr haters, but to be honest, if you're trying to build links to your Tier 1 and beyond sites, search around on there and you can find some decent gigs.

    Don't send anything from there to your client or moneysites though. You gotta handcraft those links.
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    Whether on Fiverr or anywhere else I wouldn't suggest you to buy bunch of links from whether web 2.0 websites or directories or press releases. All that comes in bunch is bunch or crap, tested.

    Fiverr is good in some cases but not for bunch of crap for 5 bucks.
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    Yeah I wouldn't waste my time with fiverr backlinks.

    Speaking from my own experience, I used link emperor to build more low-quality links back to my tier 2 sites and it worked wonders.

    After letting my Link Emperor campaigns run for a few months, dozens and dozens of my keywords shot up the ranks.

    It's more pricey than $5 but it will stand the test of time.
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    You can buy from Fiverr but tbh, for $5, only expect so much. Are you trying to build PA? That can be easily manipulated and a few fiverr gigs could accomplish that (but you do know it'll be spam links etc right?)
    Quietly Selling Powerful Links. Just a handful on clean domains, PM me for inquiry :D
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