Google slow indexing after break from publishing?

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I have an issue with how quickly google is indexing new content on my site. Ever since I took a break from publishing and came back. Indexing now takes days rather than minutes or hours.

They are crawling it all the time still but not indexing the new content. The new content appears on the homepage and other parts of the site but it just isn't being indexed for days.

What could be the cause and what tools should I be looking at to find out why?
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    Keep going and your indexing rate will improve. Look at it from G's point of view. Its crawling resource and bandwidth is big but finite. A site that hasn't been updated for months probably doesn't justify a high crawling priority so when you are less frequently it takes longer to get indexed.
    Other reasons for slow crawl rates include excessive duplicate content and other spam signals...
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      The crawl rate is fine.

      Just indexing is not happening.

      Whereas before it happened almost instantly.

      Thanks for the reply.
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        Originally Posted by Intrepreneur View Post

        The crawl rate is fine. Just indexing is not happening.
        Not really seen that before except maybe for large sites with duplicate content issues. Do you want to PM the URL and I can have a look?
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    Make sure you are posting original content and that your website is not already penalized. Google usually indexes pages and posts pretty fast especially those which are submitted through the Google's webmaster tools.

    P.S: Do you have a valid sitemap and properly adjusted robots.txt file?

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    May be your site is big or you have some duplicate content issue. Becouse my site is indexing and crawling.
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    I am going to change my website content should i do SEO for right now. Because it will crawl after the change. so will do effect on my seo work and ranking??
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    It's quite a nice site and you've obviously put a huge amount of work into it in the past but now it's got 2013 in the footer and is domainted by reviews from 2012 ie looks a little stale and I don't think the 20 or articles you've uploaded in the last month in the last month are enough to make you a high priority in terms of indexing.

    Your homepage cache date is over a month old - you need to refresh the entire site.

    I haven't looked at you link profile or in detail at your relatively minor duplicate content problems but I really think it would be enough to update the footer and refresh the reviews so that you have hardly any 2012/13 dates left, update your XML sitemap or create on if you don't have one and ping it via Google's Webmaster Tools.
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