Best non-subscription software to find competitor backlinks

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I don't want to pay a $75-$100 dollar a month recurring fee to find my competitors backlinks. So Moz, Ahref, and Majestic are out.

What can a poor person use to find his competitors backlinks? I like SEO Spyglass but it doesn't tell if the links are "follow" or "no follow".

Can anyone make a recommendation that will solve my problem and that I can afford?
(I don't mind a yearly update the algo fee)
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    Originally Posted by schleprock View Post

    I like SEO Spyglass but it doesn't tell if the links are "follow" or "no follow".
    Yes it does. Under the "Links Back" column it will let you know if a link is nofollow.
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    I use I always recommend using multiple backlink checkers because no single tool will show you all of them.
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    Too much reliance on tools. If you have no inkling of a niche that you don't know the general variety and power of the backlinks to the top players in the serps for the keywords you are after, then you probably shouldn't be in the same sandbox. I bought MS for 90 dollars back in 2008 and I still get better info from their scraping of majestic than I could get by paying now. MS is terrible, by the way.
    The thing is, don't rely on what keyword tools tell you. Test for yourself on the lower comp longtails and work your way up. You'll gather traffic and some authority towards those bigger keywords as you go.
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