Who is the Authority on Local SEO - Who do you or follow?

by ej2012
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I can pick up bits and pieces everywhere on Local SEO, some frome Alex Becker, some from Terry Kyle and many others, including the warrior forum.

Can anyone point me to the "authority" that dedicates their time, site or blog providing past/current case study's on the in's and out's of Local SEO?

-ranking locally
-ranking in maps
-site structure
-ranking strategies

Or if you can list any resources I could go check out.

I'm looking for a "what's working now to rank locally" in today's current algoscape.


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    hello, for "local ranking" you need citations and a verified google plus business page. if this is what you are asking.

    for natural search on keyowrd+place, it is still generic search, so basic seo principles are applied.
    hope this helps.

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    Do you need specific set of keywords that are searched higher number of times locally ? Is that what you are asking for ?
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    Try Linda Buquet's site

    Lot of Local Gurus on there..
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      @accessted exactly the type of resources I am looking for thanks

      anyone else?
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        Originally Posted by ej2012 View Post

        @accessted exactly the type of resources I am looking for thanks

        anyone else?
        Linda's site is great. Top destination for sure and she cruises these forums.

        Also the local stuff on Moz is aite. And Searchengineland.
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    Local is easiest because:

    1) you can first get listed on local business directories like yellowpages, yahoo local, yelp etc.
    2) then you can also rank youtube videos pretty easy under local keywords.
    3) also when You SEO site use your local keywords
    4) build relationships with other local businesses with a lot of traffic
    5) PPC ads and other targeted ads on Facebook, bing,

    Site structure is easy just mention keywords once in different ways on various pages and you can rank. I limit 2-3 per post or page.
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    David Mihm, Mike Blumenthal, Andrew Shotland the list goes on and on but most people would claim the top two is David and Mike!
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    Linda is probably the only one that isn't full of crap. She's not afraid to say she doesn't know something and is one of the only ones that doesn't overreact to changes.

    None of the "experts" ever really agree on anything. If you look at their yearly synopsis it is the same stuff year after year.

    Safest way to really succeed with SEO... ignore what everyone says and do your own testing so you know what works and what doesn't.
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