Common Pitfalls with SEO

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I'm putting together a report, and want to hear your feedback on the common pitfalls that I may have missed.

Right now, I have the following on my list:
  • Overlooking on-page SEO, or doing too good of a job on pages that are totally unnessary (e.g. privacy notices, contact pages, etc.)
  • Overlooking other long-tail promotional strategies (e.g. promoting blog posts on Linkedin groups, videos with Youtube, slides with Slideshare, infographics, podcast transcripts, etc.)
  • Building links on shady channels for quick results without thinking through the long-term consequences
  • Not connecting the dots between attracting traffic through SEO and conversion rate optimization
  • Overlooking 404 pages and 301 redirect opportunities for building a prospect list
  • Overlooking mobile search results
  • Not leveraging book search traffic on Amazon

If you have any more items to add to the list, I would love to hear from you.
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