What SEO Process do you take?

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I have a upcoming client which is looking to sale Posters worldwide online, they have a pretty decent domain name, although it's fresh. They have no backlinks, there website isn't even live etc and I need to start planning. I've got together some ideas.

I was curious - what process do you guys take? For example:

50 Directory Submissions
5 YT Videos every month
5 Blog posts etc.

Let me know what you do - I would be interested to know.
This can be for a global SEO, or local SEO.

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    I usually start with content creation and marketing, followed by outreach and relationship building. If by directories you mean link directories and not local directories I wouldn't do it. They don't provide any value and can do more harm than good.


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    First off, avoid directory submissions for link building. If you have the time, create link-worthy content and do some outreach like the post above mine suggests. If you don't, outsource it. If they are comfortable with blackhat techniques, build a PBN for them.
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    The best step you can make is to STOP taking clients.
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    try to write unique content, and make quality backlinks, and make good seo, highlighting your main keywords, and so on
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    If I were you, I wouldn't do this:
    Originally Posted by brettuk View Post

    50 Directory Submissions
    Instead, look for authoritative local business listing websites (yelp, cyclex etc) and sign up there. And since the domain is just new, I suggest that you focus more on Social Media Marketing. New domains would not rank on the first couple of months (sometimes years) of the campaign so you need to step it up a bit in your Social Media.
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    Infographics: Not the brute they are some time ago, but when prepared correctly, they work like magic.
    Guest posting: Don't give up on this approach just yet. Once made correctly, you can still get unbelievable, Post on niche related pages from guest posting.
    Social media: Your reader can make links for you. Social media is the answer for this. Don't just go over your links on Facebook and twitter though. Try to ignite a argument at the same time.
    Wiki Backlinks: receiving a backlink from Wiki site is one of the most excellent links you can get.
    Testimonials: each industry uses the services of some other company. Automotive, plumbing, travel, photography, food, etc. each instance you take into service a company for something it's a link prospect.
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    Content marketing with link building based on top Web 2.0 blogs.
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    First of all, do On-page optimization in an effective way. Do keywords Research, create proper and relevant meta's for each web page of your website and correct others errors, if they exists. After that, start doing Off page activities like creating quality backlinks, guest posting, blog posting, blog commenting, PPT sharing, classified ad posting and other. But remember for blog and article posting, your content must be fresh and impressive so that readers find interest in reading your blog. Social media marketing, i.e. promoting your website on social media platforms is also useful for your website.
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    We are an online business Consultant Company with primary focus on SEO (Search Engine Optimization),! Please contact Me for assistance !

    Link building service:
    Virtual Assistant
    Social Media.
    Backlink profiles,

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    I focus on content and have done for the last year but it's unfortunate links also matter and building them manually is always a risky thing. Natural links do cometh but that is never a guarantee.

    It's cool in less competetive keywords like local sites but my web design business went kaput. Not for not ranking, but lack of skills.

    Owner bestfivereviewed.com

    Started this stuff 2009. Time is what will teach you the skills you need.

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    Research for keywords and then use them to create content. Market through content and maximize use of social media. This should help in many ways.

    Not Just “Another” Team

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    Please , go for link-building now as it will actually help you out .

    Lest i forget , create mutual relationship with people of the same scope , i believe , you will get it all right soon .

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