How big should my niche market be?

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Hi guys ,

I would like some advice or peoples opinions. I'm starting a online directory for a particular niche and would like to know how small or big it should be because of SEO. For example having a domain: and within that directory having plumber, carpenter, electrician etc or having a domain http://www.findaplumber. org and just focusing on plumbing.

There are a few reason why I would choose the first example:
-Better value for the customer as a lot of times they may need multiple services
-I know the sub niche are in need of a directory for business promotion so I can kind of kill two birds with one stone.
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    If more content the better, but you must have unique businesses descriptions. Google loves the content especially if its valuable and unique. So be aware of that the business owners may include the same description of their business all the time on many directories like yours. That could be an only problem I think if we talking about SEO.

    The directory is a very wise idea. But to have any SEO benefits you need to take care about uniqueness of the businesses descriptions.
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    Since it's a directory, the scope should be wide (I.e. It should encompass many categories), so go ahead.
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