I'm sure this will tick some of you Google haters off.

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US Court Gives Google Free Rein Over Search Results Layout
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    Dumbest. Lawsuit. Ever.
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      Originally Posted by jezter6 View Post

      Dumbest. Lawsuit. Ever.
      Yeah, I'm definitely glad Google one this one.

      Google, Bing, and Yahoo are different and distinct search engines. Ranking well in 2 of them does not entitle you to a good ranking in the 3rd one.
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    Well. Rather ... We all own our own websites. We should be allowed to (within obvious reasonable limits) choose what content we put on it and in what order.

    Next thing you know Amazon will be getting sued because people will demand their product be higher in search results.

    Any time one of us does any sort of review or e-Commerce site, we'd be open to all sorts of lawsuits by product creators demanding their product be at the top of all our pages.

    Of course, when the previous #1 gets bumped to #2, they would then sue to get back to #1, and the circle jerk would continue until nobody could run an eCommerce, review, directory, or search engine ever again.
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    Did I read that right on SEL, it was a tourism site that filed a $5 million complaint without having a lawyer? Brilliant plan?

    I always laugh at the cry babies that complain Google has a search monopoly. Send them over to China & let Baidu + China Gov show them what a real monopoly looks like (bring some Kleenex for the tears).

    Google doesn't have a monopoly on search, the other SERPs just suck & the public knows they suck. That's not a monopoly, that's just an industry waiting for another SERP to step up their game.

    We all know Yahoo/Bing algos are about 10 years behind Google, that's their own fault. Invest money in R&D or fail. Yahoo/Bing still to this day allow a webpage to be ranked long term with link blast spam.
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