Whats the best way to analyze keyword competition?

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Thanks in advance for your help
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    You can try SpyFu
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    thanks, but i had strategies in mind when i asked the questions rather than tools - but everything helps
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      For starters--to get a rough idea, Google your targeted keyword and take the URLs that are obove the fold.

      Anything below the fold is marginally better than being on the 2d page.

      Next, run the URLs into Openexplorer.org....or any other tool like Majestic or AHrefs.

      Take a look at the DA and PA. More importantly, look at the number of referring domains and total number of links.

      This is an art form and not a science by any means, however look at the metrics of each URL side by side and you'll begin to see a pattern.

      Sites with fewer links and have a high rating are using high quality links or are hiding a lot using bot blockers.

      Anyhow, as a general rule of thumb, you'll need to build marginally more links of the same quality as the competition.

      Once you know how many you need, it's a matter of assessing the total cost to "get there".

      Then calculate your forecasted profit.

      If forecasted profit > forecasted cost....do it.
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    Keyword adword planner is the best ever option in looking out for keyword competition. Other options in the segment also helps make a strategic end up for the better end result.
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    Like Lane mentioned,

    Check the domain authority AND page authority of your competitors as well as how many backlinks they have pointing to their site.

    You can also peak at their on-page SEO to see if any oddballs are ranking with poor optimization.

    Check to see if they are using the keyword in the headline, permalink (url), and meta description.
    If they are missing these then it CAN be a good sign that you can rank with solid on-page SEO and some quality backlinks.
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    Ahrefs looks good to analyze a specific website, but opensiteexplorer can also show you some good and useful info!

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    I will also recommend to use Google Adwords Keyword planner tool. It will help in knowing the competition (i.e. high, low or medium) and average monthly searches for your keyword. After checking this you can search the particular keyword in Google search engine and can know about the competition of the keywords in terms of number.
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    In my view there is a Keyword Planner to know the competition keywords according to the location of the business.
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    Googe Adwords, Semrush are the best tools for Keyword Analyse
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