How to get featured on a site like crime museum?

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This is thinking a bit outside the box but I guess with marketing it can't hurt to get a little crazy with it.

I realize this is likely not possible but how do you think a small business can get onto a website like this -

Let's say you have an educational blog and an online shop relating to products that can prevent crimes. Anyone have any outside the box ideas how to pull it off or pursue opportunities like that?

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    Great question! I am hoping someone with the proper knowledge can answer because I'm interested in finding this out myself.
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    Bump if anyone has any ideas. Thanks
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    Why don't you call them and ask them if they offer opportunities like that?
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    That sounds like a good idea! Thanks
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    You can also leave a comment in their blog and leave your website in it (do NOT spam!). Make them be interested in your website and hope to send you a message back!

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    My articles have been featured on linkedin and digitaldoughnut several times. I cannot count how many times anymore but to make it short. The key to be featured is great content. Always right topics that are of interest to people. When your topic is interesting and very informative, your articles will be featured.

    Good luck!

    Best regards,
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