What Are The Modern High Ranking Seo Teaching Tools And Who Sells Them ?

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What are the high traffic and high converting seo tactics super affiliates or super online sales people use nowadays ?

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Whatever you suggest, where do you get to learn these techniques, systems and tactics from and who are the masters in those fields and where are their courses, ebooks, video tutorials, tips and tricks articles, etc ?

I must learn high converting very intelligent and super ranking seo tactics. Hence, all the questions. I just don't want to go to ezine articles and read what every Tom, Dick and Harry have ever written on seo as most writings I've found there (on other subjects apart from seo) were rubbish and cut and paste and spunned contents here and there taken out from other peoples' articles and so I don't call an average guy like that an "expert" and waste money buying his "so called seo teaching stuffs". If you get what I mean.

Anyone with any suggestions ?
Maybe, you bought a tool or a course that was good in both teaching and the techniques were very good in getting your sites ranked for your niche keywords ?Aware of any writer/publisher who knows what he's talking about. Was a super teacher or his content were a super read that didn't leave unanswered questions and just answered them in the readings so you didn't have to bother yourself asking questions to unanswered questions.
The writer/publisher must be someone who's constantly ranking well and converting and not someone who is a failure him or herself!

Yes, I can google and even find here lots of courses (maybe). But, how do I know who's got the real thing and he's just not copied from someone else ?

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