Have you loss traffic because of Christmas Holidays?

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I noticed that my website traffic is down almost 40% because of holidays. What's your Percentage(%)?
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    In the past few days I've had almost 0 organic traffic outside of advertising on Facebook and stuff like that. I wonder if it could be due to ranking changes or simply cause my site is about product relating to businesses and maybe people are shopping more for holiday presents than stuff like that.
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    Have you loss traffic because of Christmas Holidays?
    Who cares about a day or two, look at the big picture, weeks/months/years...
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      Could not stay away either, Yukon? Here's to all of your successes in 2015!

      To the OP: 99% of the stores are closed today. So they are doing zero
      "traffic." Actually did a tad more at this point in adsense as yesterday.

      If you think the same number of people are online all the time, searching
      for the same thing as yesterday, day in, day out, you are sadly mistaken.

      On a serious note...
      I always feel that Christmas could go either way. I mean millions are
      getting new laptops, ipads, other tablets, smartphones...right?
      You know they gotta be using some of em.


      If you were disappointed in your results today, lower your standards tomorrow.

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    Yup there's like more than 60% of decrease in traffic, and was expecting something like this is going to happen !
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    Yes, on this Christmas holiday 45% traffic decrease in my website.
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  • Its just couple of days during the holidays. People are celebrating but not on the internet. Keep doing what you did before and don't worry they will come back again.
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    yeah because of holidays.....
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    It's normal to lose traffic during Christmas and New Year. Many people spend their time out with their family.

    Happy Christmas Every One And Happy 2015 New Year...
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    Yeah, the traffic is down for the last 2-3 days.
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    People are bound to be super busy in their real life, not hanging out online. Though many will be online at Ebay and Amazon looking for those last minute deals. Even now that it's past Christmas, there will be many looking for day after Christmas sales online. Does your site offer anything for that crowd? If not, your traffic is likely to be down.
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    yeah. holiday season
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