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Hey warriors I am planning to start a travel related website. While searching for domains I found that now .travel is also available. Is it better to use a .travel domain or to stick with the .com domains.
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    Depends. You feeling lucky?

    Today, people are just now learning about these options. There is no real benefit (in terms of acceptance) to using one.

    However, at some point, the whole .com superiority complex will be over. When that happens, people will begin accepting that .anything is an acceptable alternative to .com. And they will likely be drawn to good .travel domains if the rest of the content makes sense.

    If you can get a great one today, and you have a long term business plan with it, I would say grab it.

    If no to either of those questions, then I wouldn't bother.
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    I ignore those new TLDs, but that is just me. I would go for the .com version of the same domain if it is available.
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    Personally, I would rather have the .com
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