Has my site been penalized?

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I would like to ask you a question.
Maybe it's a very obvious thing, but I really don't know the answer...
I have been watching some videos that say that if you have your keywords repeated too many times in your site, Google will penalize you.
I have a few keywords (and some variations) that are repeated throughtout the site in different titles, text, name of photos...
I also have several youtube videos that have those keywords in title, description and text, linked to the site (I guess this is old SEO?)
I have looked at webmasters tools and it does not say my site has been penalized.
It just tells me about some pages that return a 404 error.
Does that mean my site is fine?
Should I change anything or shoud I leave it like that?
Any suggestions will be GREATLY APPRECIATED!!!
Thank you very much, warrios
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    Impossible to say accurately with the information you've provided.

    What's made you ask? What's changed?

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    You can utilize this website: ismywebsitepenalized.com

    - Nizam
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    Other than paranoia, which is somewhat understandable given the way Google operates, do you have any reason to believe your website is penalized?
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    Your site is probably fine. Repeating keywords too many times is synonymous with keyword stuffing, and the penalty resulting from that is page-specific. In other words, entire sites can't be stuffed with keywords; only pages can.
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      So how come suddenly such an hyperactive warrior gone into this question
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        Thank you for your answers, everyone!
        The reason why I am asking this is because my rankings have recently dropped for some keywords.
        I could be due to competition or I thought it could also be due to keyword stuffing.
        That's why I am asking...
        Any suggestions will be appreciated! Thanks
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    How are you building backlinks?
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      I am not building backlinks other than natural links from social networks and other pages related to my niche.
      I heard low quality backlinks can also have a negative effect on a site and can even get it penalized, so I am not trying that...
      Thank you!
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