What is your best Seo Tool for 2015?

by guru74
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It could be nice for newbie and advanced seo users to know what tool will work the best for you in 2015. If you want you can also add the reason why the tools are the best for you . Here is my list :

3. Scrapebox
4. GScraper
5. Winautomation
6. Keyword Researcher
7. Keyword Xtreme
8. Mass video blaster Pro (Didn't use yet but i have)
9. Autofill Magic
10. WAC and Kontent Machine
11. Ultimate Niche Finder

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    Each of those tools is used for different things. There isn't just one for everything.. Also, depends how much money you want to throw down.

    The Best Spinner (Like Kontent Machine) is a good rewriter.

    Does anyone know of any Youtube tools?
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    I've just started using Buzzstream and it's pretty radical so far
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    Scrapebox and GScraper is the best seo tool in 2015. And may this tool is working good all my ranking and other activity's.


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    My best SEO Tools for 2015 Keyword Researcher.
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    This is going to sound kind of weak to some, but the best SEO tools are:

    1. Google Webmaster Tools - Tells you if something is wrong... once in a while
    2. Backlink Analysis Tool - Majestic, Ahrefs, Moz
    3. Scrapebox - not for spamming but checking things out and productivity
    4. Google.com and site: search
    5. Google Keyword Tool - Just simply to get keyword volumes

    *Most people spend too much time spamming and not looking at the big picture and doing analysis. As a result, I mostly look at low quality sites who's webmasters think they built a great website with good content.
    Disclaimer: For most businesses a white hat approach is the best long-term strategy, however understanding other techniques and ranking factors used by affiliates can be valuable.

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    Google webmaster & Adwords tools should be best ever.
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    My best seo tools for 2015 is
    Google key Planner, Lsikeywords.com, Google web master tool and Alexa.
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    Google Keyword Tool..for key word.
    moz - for find links
    http://ProxySP.com help you find the best Proxy Service Providers.
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    My favorite SEO tool is a bots generator.

    If we're talking seriously - Ahrefs, Semrush, Rankinity.
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    My Brain
    aka on site seo
    delivering content that is relevant and engaging to my target audience
    The surfer then generates backlinks by sharing my content.
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    well, for me, the best SEO tool is myself.
    l have manually done stuff with patience none of these tools can do except occasionally using market samural to tweak a little on my keyword research
    thanks folks
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    Thanks for Giving this wonderful list of SEO tools
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    I will go for the followings :
    1) SEO Powersuite (The most Important tool for me)
    2) GSA Search Engine Ranker, GSA CB, GSA Indexer
    3) SEnuke XCr
    4) Scrapebox
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    Longtail Pro and Google keyword checker
    RooR Bongs to Weed Bongs we have you covered
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    I agree with you Jacob, My Fav tools are similar.

    Research: MOZ, Majestic, KW Canine
    PBN domain research: Expired Domains.net. , (& other special domain finding ops)
    I also like finding out competition keywords and rankings etc with SEM RUSH.
    I use Micro Site Masters for checking rankings.
    I use clicky to track visitors
    I use GSA a lil bit to boost PBN Authority and 2nd and third tier properties.
    I use Syndwire for posting on social accounts

    mmmmmm I cant say any of them are my favourite but I may just say they are equally favourable as they they are now responsible for my chilled surf around the world lifestyle.
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    Almost the same like above but I will also add proranktracker.com for keywords rank tracking
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    I believe one of the best tools you can have in 2015... is a Mentor. Someone who has tried and tested the best tools out there, is in the know and downloads there knowledge to you.
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