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I see most of our SEO folks use wrong way of permalinks.. and this is how search engines differentiate between an authority brand and a spammy website trying to rank for a few keywords..

If the keyword is in the domain name, no need to write that again in the permalink.. For Example:



www.Handbagsking.com/review ✓

The domain name "handbagsking.com" already shows that the website is about handbags, so if you just write /review after domain, it clearly shows that the url is for a review on handbags.

here is one another example:

if your blog is about blogging and lets say the domain name is Bloggingking.com

now lets say you are writing about " Best SEO tips for bloggers "

now typically people make urls like this


but this is Wrong...

The best way is to remove the word Blogging or anything related to bloggers because that is already in the domain name..

Here is the best version: Bloggingking.com/SEO-tips

Keyword stuffing can be in titles, content and even in permalink.. make sure you dont do this again! Play safe.

Thank you!
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