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This thread was initially about checking 4 versions in Majestics to get the full backlink profile

However by entering the domain without hxxp:// and without www. and you get to see all of the links at once as well, same as with Ahrefs.

Only difference with Ahrefs is when you enter the hxxp:// part it strips it out automatically, while Majestic doesn't do that so lesson learned and perhaps useful for others, only check this format: (no hxxp:// hxxp://, purely and you get the full picture.

Majestic tends to show more backlinks than Ahrefs but that's not really true as Majestic tends to duplicate each backlink 4 times, eg hxxp:// hxxps:// www. non www. /index.html / and so on, so the same backlink shows like 4-6 times while Ahrefs mostly only shows it once so naturally you end up with like 100 backlinks at Ahrefs while Majestic shows like 350 (just one example domain), while in fact it are all the same links (besides a few weaker ones that one or the other might pick up).

I also saw that Ahrefs database is slightly more accurate than Majestic as in links being live or not.

Big downside of Ahrefs is the API, which is very expensive, while Majestics API can be pulled through 3rd party apps like RDDZ using a normal subscription, Ahrefs also has that in the shape of OpenApp but I haven't seen any tools developed under that that are useful to research the backlink profiles of domains like RDDZ does.
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