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I used to have succes buying niche specific blogroll links going straight to my money site. The only problem - high risk of deindexation of these links (learned my lesson).

My question is: If I direct these types of links to my first or second tier buffer sites instead, will that be a safe way to do it? Through how many tiers will negative link juice be passed on?
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    You are not able to change the quality of existing backlinks. You'd better to get rid of your low-quality backlinks and earn natural ones. There is no sense in toxic backlinks.
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    Exactly, the quality of a page doens't depend on just a link. You would need to detox that site first to make it a healthy one again.

    SEO consultant at

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  • You need to remove bad and spam link. At no point you can get help out of these. If you want to redirect such to your 2nd or 3rd tier links that too spoil it somewhere. So best thing is to get rid of them and try to get natural recognition. Start building profile and work on building relationship.

    Lance Bachmann

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    Once again, no one answering the question or even reading the guys situation.

    In theory you should be OK by having one layer in between you and the other site, the issue though is that the middle site may run into issues at some point as well, which means you have a second deindexed site sending you links.

    I would be more cautious on where you buy your links. I have had no problems with this and I buy links all of the time. However I don't buy public market links.

    I suggest finding sources for links that aren't exposed and you won't have to worry about layering.
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    Passing them through tiers would decrease their efficacy so I don't recommend that. You can do that with spammy links, but doing the same with purchased blogroll links would be equivalent to wasting your money. What makes you think those links are providing negative link juice?
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    I bought those links because they are cheap homepage link that are easy to get with massive link juice. It worked very well for a while until I was hit by Google Panda 3.0.

    I have already removed the blogroll links and have recovered but now I need some powerful links to get back for these heavy keywords I want to rank for.

    Another problem with these links are the anchor text ratios. My idea is to point those blogroll links to my PBN or my web 2.0 buffer sites to create exact match links that are really powerful instead of just boosting my second layer with junk links.
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    Yes, clean your backlink profile before you could regain or improve your rankings.
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    I would care less about the quality of backlinks and care more about the quantity of backlinks to my Tier 2, Tier 3 and so on.

    Basically, after Tier 1 backlinks and Tier 2 backlinks - you can start using any type of backlinks and just worry about quantity.

    I hope this helps!

    I wish you the best of the best!

    Keep up the great work!

    At the beginning, I thought making money online with a blog was super super hard. Not anymore. Learn the art of making money online blogging - step by step - HERE.
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    Agree with the answer of Natalie
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