Forgot to close <div> tag can cause indexing problems?

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What do you think? I forgot to close <div> tag on many inside pages.

I have problems to get my pages into the Google index. Can forget to close a <div> tag cause indexing problems? What do you think?

Please also see the screenshot.

Just to let you know: about 90% of my well indexed inside pages DON'T have a <div> bug. But some have a <div> bug and are indexed well too.

But about 70 pages have a <div> bug and I get them not into the Google index.

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    The open <div> doesn't matter for indexing a page.

    The only thing that really matters for indexing is, your not blocking Google with a noindex in the HTML, robots.txt, htaccess file, or any type of server side redirect.
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    The only problem a DIV tag can cause is NOT to visualise the content (and the whole website page) as you want (for example the text appears anywhere else on the page)

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