Could Someone Tell me How to get Organic traffic

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Hello All,

I own a blog ( and i'm not getting much traffic, i get just 50-80 visitors hardly daily. I created a G+ page but i cannot find any change.... Please check my site and tell me some suggestions
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    The art of organic traffic relies on many factors:

    - strength of content
    - usage of keywords in correlation with said content
    - targeting the right audience using social signals
    - posting often (techies like cutting edge stories throughout the day)
    - type of content (How-To's are diluted; perhaps add some Op-Ed or News articles from your neck of the woods)

    Of course, nurturing natural link relationships will help (forget link blasting to forcibly rank high), but you should first develop a strong content strategy.
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    You will get more answers if you post in the SEO section of this forum.

    What are you doing in terms of SEO?


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    ist thing is know who your audience is and target your message to resonate well with them.
    Do keyword research to find keywords of high volume and high value
    Create a wordpress blog because they can be set up to syndicate content in real time (curate content)
    Provide valuable and engaging content that your audience will distribute for you
    Use the right plugins ie allinoneseo, google xmls site maps plus a social media share plugin.
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      You are keyword stuffing, it is not good. look at your alt text for your images and make them intelligent


      Broken promises don't upset me. I just think, why did they believe me?
      ~Jack Handey~

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    Oh joy, another "everything under the sun" blog that hits all the app download keywords as well as lifestyle with health and love life.

    Add to that either spun or poorly written articles and you've got yourself the absolute start for yet another junk site that provides absolutely no real value to the internet world.

    The problem is you're trying to compete on a wide variety of subjects with most of the biggest sites in the world, but without the chops to actually compete.

    If you want to compete with the likes of Mashable, TechCrunch, and other monster sites - you have to come in with all your weapons out, and that means writing content that is unique, engaging, grammatically correct, that people will want to read and share.
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    it is very important to do SEO, write quality articles, be consistent, dont just write for the sake, passion love and knowledge on the topic has to be evident. There is no shortcut for blogging, you have to spend time on your blog to be a successful blogger.
    Backlinking other websites, commenting, having social signals this are the ones that will give you some traffic juice.

    Connect with me on skype sameer.mukhtar1
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    It depend many factors
    You can follow in these tips
    - Create content, which it is interest or useful
    - Update your site in routine (about 3 times per day)
    - Post in social media such as twitter and facebook
    I believe one thing, If you blog get massive traffic, you will get organic traffic too.
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    Originally Posted by sandytul View Post

    Hello All,

    I own a blog ( and i'm not getting much traffic, i get just 50-80 visitors hardly daily. I created a G+ page but i cannot find any change.... Please check my site and tell me some suggestions
    Once I have had Momentum with Blogging, for me personally at least , Posting very frequently and Pinging each Post to let the Spiders Crawl always increased my Organic traffic.

    - Robert Andrew
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    You could start by making the link in your sig clickable. ;-)

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    If below is an accurate example of the quality of your site you should be greatful you are not getting much traffic.

    When we buy a brand new PC the performance of it will be super fast and all the things like browser and files will load fastly but as the time passes the performance of the PC becomes slow, because we start doing many things
    I've got 99 problems but a niche ain't one
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    Hey, I understand what you are going through:

    1 - Relevant Keyword rich Content. Do your keyword research > Keyword Research: The Definitive Guide
    2 - Create some backlinks the right way > Backlinks: 17 Powerful (Yet Untapped) Sources
    3 - Promote your content in ALL of the different free channels you have available (not so obvious) >

    As long as your content is awesome and unique and you are reaching out to people and promoting it constantly you will see search traffic grow
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    SEO and social media marketing - viral campaigns. Go into these sections of the forum and you will find your answers much more clearly.
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    *Find long tail lower competition keywords that are related to your niche and start a backlink campaign for those keywords

    *Continue to create high quality content and leverage it social platforms such as facebook,twitter,tumblr,etc.

    *Be an active participant in your community by commenting on relevant blogs,forums, and social platforms like reditt.

    *Consistently upload videos to youtube on the latest and most trending topics in your market
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    yes, i think it is all about long tail keywords and searches. for example: if you google the keyword in quotes. look at the rsults that show up under the search box. if it is over will be hard to rank fast
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