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Hi WF,

Quick question:

I want to know from people who have experience doing tier-link building.

Do you guys advise using the same brand name for your money site as your web 2.0 sites?

For example: If my money site is

Should I make Web 2.0 links like:

Or should I do something like and then link to money site?
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    Hi Tekn,

    If you are going to use these properties as a place where you push content to and receive a link then keep it branded so there is continuity between your brand and the other sites. If you are doing this for an affiliate site, it really doesn't matter as the URL itself doesn't play a huge role in how much that link is worth.
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    You should use RELATED to the niche link (like MyBasketballDream)
    Do you think Google won't find you if you use THE same every where. This way you can also rank for DIFFERENT keywords in your web2.0 properties!

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    Yes if you are doing Web 2.0 for SEO Purpose to increase search engine rankings,then doing branded keywords would help in SEO and SERP Rankings.
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