What is a good blog network to get backlinks from? (Not ALN)

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I tried Authority Link Network, but most of their sites have fake page rank, or are de-indexed by Google. What are some good blog networks to get backlinks from?

I found the following backlinks to my target that could only have come from Authority Link Network, and I checked the page rank, and nearly every one of the domains has a fake page rank!

Here are the blogs in the network I found so far:

Only shotgunmythos and healthpartners had a real page rank, and they were N/A or no rank at all. point908 isn't even indexed by Google!

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    Empower Network use to have a blog with super high PR. They changed it not sure if its even viable anymore. Good luck finding one.
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    What in the world did you expect? Google hit ALN years ago.

    You won't find any good public network like that. Even if it is any good now, it will get slaughtered by Google eventually. Truly private networks are the only way to go.
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    It seems Bing has not de-indexed them, so there's that at least. Empower Network looks like MLM! They have something they call a 'blog network', but they are selling you a blog, not guest posts or links!
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    The best blog network to get backlinks from is your own private blog network. PBN links are still being sold online, but the majority of them come from forums. They hardly set up individual websites promoting their services anymore. So your best bet is looking in the WSO section of the forum.
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      Originally Posted by SEO Power View Post

      The best blog network to get backlinks from is your own private blog network....
      You could've stopped right there, you know.

      Your use of the acronym PBN in your reply really should be written Public Blog Networks. If they (or the links they are selling) are advertised anywhere online, wso subforum section or otherwise, they're public.

      The answer to the OP is, none if they're public. Or if they are semi-public or underground, then the content should be screened and not just let any old junk on any old page that has 20 other off-topic pieces of, eh, content.. usually not the case in most public blog networks.

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