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Hello Warriors,

I have been looking at threads alot about footprints to find .EDU & .Gov links. Well, you don't have to save the footprints in notepad & word doc anymore. Just find platforms and build links whenever required.

Here is the tool: Drop My Link - Find sites to create backlinks on (I know you will bookmark this for sure )

Enter the niche and you will find loads of places where you could build links (some even allows instant approvals) for your website.

Hope this helps.

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    First of all, EDU and GOV links do not carry magical ranking powers. If you are getting easy links on them, they are just as worthless as any other easy links.

    Second, that tool is sorely lacking. It only searches one footprint per platform. If you really want to do something like that, use Scrapebox or GScraper. You can enter in tons of footprints at one time for each platform and find a lot more targets.
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    Know this site for 3-4+ months! Never used it for more than 1-2 blogs, but could be worth. Thanks for the share!

    A blog that will show you How to Lose Weight with a cool Quick Weight Loss guide...
    Also enjoy some of my favorite Funny pictures and photos that will make you smile :)

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    Even better punch this in Google search

    inur l:edu/forum/*register

    SEO Consultations l Link Building l Video Marketing
    Skype: serpwaveseo
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    I have already use Drop my link website for create backlinks. By the way thanks for sharing

    Well blogger and know about IT (information technology) .

    Work on Top Information Technology Ideas

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    .edu and .gov backlinks? People still think of these backlinks? Hehehe.....
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    • Why don't you think they work? I was monitoring a certain competitor and his site was on page 5 for over 1 year and in the last week he is now on page 1 of Google. I checked his new back links and I discovered new .gov links, only explanation for his rise in SERP is the .gov links, his on page SEO is exactly the same.
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    Hey kushalshah,

    Thanks for sharing very useful to for digital marketing people. Especially very useful for SEO dept.

    Reddy Sekhar,
    SEO Analyst.
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