Does Infolink's contextual Text advertising hurts SEO?

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I have a site where I use Infolink's contextial text advertising. I am publisher of infolink.

Does this hurts my site's SEO?
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    Too many ads can prevent your site from ranking well, especially if they are above the fold. As long as you monetise moderately, you have nothing to worry about.
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    What do you mean by above the fold? Thanks for helping

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    Probably, it probably kills your site by having a high bounce rate.

    I bounce from a site anytime I see garbage infolinks being used, nothing screams low quality site than infolinks.
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    How many banners and side ad should be there in a website? Website niche is android reviews or tips

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      first of all, above the fold... when you first load a page, the screen BEFORE you start scrolling is considered "above the fold"

      In terms of SEO, how many side banner ads should you have? The answer is just short of zero.

      But making money online has nothing to do with SEO - well other than the fact you need to bring traffic in front of your offers. but the real question is, at what point does side banner ads effect the conversion rate of your site.

      If the side bar is the only place you are trying to change visitors into conversions.. you really need to re think that. if you are selling in your page content, then you have to begin to wonder if the side bar distraction is just that a distraction to getting a sale from your page.

      I haven't seen your page, and to be honest don't want to... but these are questions you need to ask yourself, and TEST to find the best answer for you and your particular scenario and traffic.
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    It's irritating for users. It can also increase your overall bounce rate......Blitz pop up ads.....Just try to avoid them.......
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