Do you get penalize by posting other people's article and acknowledge them at the same time?

by acchao
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Hi awesome people,

I have a question here, I hope I can get a little bit advise here.

I would like to know -- when you published other people's article onto your own blog and you give the original author credits to acknowledge them (Their profile, and website link etc)

Does this consider as a duplicate content in google's eyes? (They published it in their blog, and you share it again in your own blog.) Will they penalize you in term of SEO?

Look forward to get feedback from you guys. Thanks a million!
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    Hi, from a legal point of view and in order to avoid DMCA issues you have to be given permission from the content owner to publish the article in your site.

    As far as SEO goes, you should implement a canonical tag in your page pointing to the original source so Google doesn't index the content in your page. That way you will be avoiding any duplicate content issues.

    Bear in mind that there is no such thing as a penalty associated with duplicate content, but your page could suffer from issues like being devalued in the rankings or you could even get your whole site flagged for scraping.
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      Hello Maninthemiddle,

      Thanks for your super useful insight and tips!

      From what you mentioned,
      "you should implement a canonical tag in your page pointing to the original source"

      How do I go about it? Does it mean that I just have to place an active URL link at the bottom of my blog like

      "Source:" ?

      Thanks again!
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      Originally Posted by maninthemiddle View Post

      Hi, from a legal point of view and in order to avoid DMCA issues you have to be given permission from the content owner to publish the article in your site.
      Acchao, SEO aside - PLEASE take very seriously what maninthemiddle stated above. You can't just publish articles from other people's sites on your site - even if you provide a link to the original site and credit the author - without the permission of whoever owns the copyright!
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    What google requires and what a company who's content has been used on another site requires are two different things. I'm not I do know about how google sees it.

    Firstly, Google recognizes it as having been duplicated. That's not necessarily a big deal on any sort of occasional basis,for the domain, in general, but it is a standard practice of the site (meaning that there is a high percentage of duplicate content) it could cause any original content on your site to have greater difficulty ranking. Specifically for the URL with the dupe content, however, Google will nor rank such pages--so it won't help you in the search results.
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    To stay within the laws of copyright, you would be best contacting the webmaster whos articles you are republishing, its all well and good linking back to the original source, but without the authority of the publisher it means nothing

    Personaly i would make contact with publisher, let it be known you find certain articles useful and would like to share them, (ask if its ok) worse they can say is no

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    I wouldn't do it unless is really important. You can always rewrite it!

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  • Profile picture of the author acchao
    Ezine articles allowed you to republish their author's original article, as long as you do not alter the content in any way and at the same time giving the author credit.

    What do you think?

    Hi Patco,
    I prefer original content too, rewriting it takes up alot of time as well lol...

    Currently I'm writing all the articles by myself. Frankly speaking, from searching for content, planning, writing, editing, proofreading to market to driving traffic to your website requires tonnes of tough work and time, considering I'm not a writer by nature...

    I'm still thinking what is the best way to do article marketing... Right now what I have in mind is "Outsource"?

    What's your guys experience?
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