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hello folks,

I have done research of 10 websites which are on top of google search and now i need your help to develop my own strategy in order to rank my sites faster. Those 10 sites which are on top of google search results have ranked their website on specific keyword. for example: www.examplesite.com/article/keyword-keyword...... (some of them has pages for this specific keyword like: www.examplesite.com/keyword-keyword) problem is that at this moment i dont have such specific article on my site where url would be /keyword-keyword but my own site is www.keyword-keyword.com

how do you think which one can be ranked faster and also on good position in google search results: page?? article ?? or just your home page (i mean my own site www.keyword-keyword.com )????
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    Define faster, one month, six months...?

    We have no idea what the keyword is & your here asking how to rank pages (EMD vs internal page). Is faster even relevant?
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    i mean 6 month or more........
    competition on keyword is high so i guess it would be harder to rank on this keyword
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    hopefully i have written my question right way.

    waiting for your response. please, guys be active i need your help...
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    It really depends on how well you build backlinks and your on-page SEO is..
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      I may be some hick from West By God Virginia but I think you will have some issues with ranking www. keyword-keyword vs anysite.com/keyword-keyword.

      Basic URL structure is going to tell google that your site www. keyword-keyword is about keyword keyword. but once you get to "/" and the point after that is where google is looking to see what the page is about. You cant put the keyword there obviously.

      If you are using the likes of Wordpress you are going to have to create an article title which dictates the page URL .

      So say you have an article "10 best things about keyword keyword" you will have to go in and create a title so you don't have the duplicate keywords in the url, maybe something like "10 best things about" so your url will read keyword-keyword.com/10-best-things-about

      At this point you need to go back into the article and RENAME the title to "10 best things about keyword keyword" - the already created URL will remain the same, but the title will become a keyword targeted match

      the 3 most important core elements to on page SEO is the URL, the Title, and the Content. and the above is how you work around your URL issues.

      I personally do not buy keyword related URL. it is simply far easier to have the control with the page URL to introduce the keywords as needed vs monkeying around with all of this naming and renaming stuff.
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    so you think that it's all about backlinks and on-phage seo...?
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    At some point i agree with you, because those 10 websites which are ranked on top, have their brand name in their url and then pages with specific keywords where they won't to rank. Main motive why i have created my site on keyword-keyword.com is that i thought google will thought it was more specific one in this niche, so i would have higher chance to rank on good positions.
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    An EMD (keyword-keyword) should rank faster than using the keyword for the URL of internal pages (website/keyword-keyword). However it is more unsafe and you would be more likely to hit a penalty if you overoptimize anchor-text etc.

    Choosing pages or posts doesn't really affect rankings, I think it's best just using the alternative that fits the website
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    Not unless your homepage has high domain authority, high page authority, and PR already, it doesn't make much off a difference since you have such a long time for your campaign.

    The new page you would be making for ranking the keyword would have a new PA and PR, but will be more optimized in theory for the keyword.

    Not unless you are willing to optimize your homepage for those keywords permanently and the DA,PA, and PR of the homepage are significant enough to help out with ranking, then I would suggest you use a new page.

    Also with the recent google updates keywords in the title of the url play far less of a role of getting ranked then they use to, so bear that in mind.
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      Originally Posted by quinng123 View Post

      Also with the recent google updates keywords in the title of the url play far less of a role of getting ranked then they use to, so bear that in mind.
      I agree with you, because my research showed that most sites have ranked for specific keyword using their pages not exact urls.
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