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I have a question for you... have a client who originally I built and ranked individual websites for them for multiple services. One website was for auto sales, one for auto repair and one for auto detailing. But the names were all different and individual.

They decided to rebrand and they wanted to bring them all under one common name. And they were talked into building a new website under the one common brand name and put all the content under that website and have since 302 redirected everything. I know.... should have been 301's

So of course now I have to go back in there and repair the SEO damage as everything has now tanked. So here is my dilemma

I have the following brands/services - all located same city, some in different physical locations

new website is XYZ.com

XYZ Car Sales - located at 123 any street

XYZ Auto Repair - located at 123 any street

XYZ Auto Detailing - located at 456 any street

XYZ Customizing - available at 456 any street

Should I just build out the content on the XYZ.com domain and use subfolders so XYZ.com/customizing, XYZ.com/autosales, XYZ.com/autodetailing etc or should I use subdomains autodetailing.XYZ.com, etc

And as a final question to this scenario... how does this affect the Google+ business pages for each of these businesses?

If i use the subfolder method, should I have the XYZ Car Sales, XYZ Auto Detailing all point to the XYZ.com root or should each Google business page point to the actual subfolder?

And how will this affect SEO? If I build out the Auto Detailing section for example I was thinking it would look like this


Will that be good enough for Google to properly link the content to that particular section/brand assuming things like Title Tags/ H1 tags, etc are done properly? Keeping in mind we have Google business pages already in existence for

XYZ Auto Sales
XYZ Auto Detailing
XYZ Customizing
XYZ Auto Repairs

Your help will be hugely appreciated, Ive searched and searched, but most things seem to lead back to multi location SEO questions, this is multi-location but also multi brand and different business names (although quite similar)
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    There's no reason you can't go ahead and change the redirect(s) to 301s. Should be a 301 from each old site to the corresponding new page for each service. No need to do subdomains.

    As for G+, you'll only be able to verify one unique NAP (name, address, phone number) per location--meaning for any unique NAP, there can be only one Google map listing (Google map listings are the result of a verified G+ business page. If you try to get two different company listed at the same address using two different phone numbers it's going to get fcuked--it's not worth it. Figure the best way to present a single brand for a particular address and be satisfied with that. This means you would have two G+ business pages because at each of two addresses, you have two similar business names that may or may not be sharing phone numbers. I'm not saying that technically you won't be able to do it but it could quite possibly bite you in the ssa some time in the future if you do.
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