Who's all building PBN networks? Is is worth it?

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Seems like a lot of work to manage and keep running. Is it worth all the headaches?
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    PBN's can be great when they're done right. I guess the amount of headache comes down to how big your "network" really is. Different people go to different extents with their PBN's too. I'd say they're worth the "headache" if you do them right..and they can be great for link juice!
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    Yeah, it's worth it. PBNs continue to be one of the best sources of links to rank sites. If you can't manage your PBN or find it too difficult, you van hire someone to assist you.
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    I feel like PBNs are the only black-hat technique that will always be worth the headache as long as you know exactly what you are doing.

    To make it worth the time and money, I feel like you really need to be a master at keyword research. If you can target your PBN links to a money site that is in a low competition and high converting niche, and you can do this several times, it will be very, very worth it.

    But I am certainly not the PBN expert on this site, there are a few others in this subforum who can give you a much better answer than I can.
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    This Headache is Tge solution to your problem. You need to learn it carefully as if not done right, you can be blacklisted.
    You can use experts to do by outsourcing it.
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      Even when outsourcing it, managing the network and seeing how well it's doing, (rankings going up or down, de-indexed, etc.) seems to be painful as well.

      What is everyone using to manage their pbn network?
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    This is very simple, you need to at the very least understand all the "moving parts" before you have the first line of code written.

    Can they work?

    Yes tremendously well, but if you screw anything up and I mean anything you will pay for it.

    If you cant trust yourself to be that "on point" I would suggest you learn a little more about the game before you jump in.
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