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Quick question for you all that's been on my mind for quite some time:

If we are trying to rank for a certain keyword, let's just say "orange peeling", but an exact match domain is taken up, how do we make sure that Google understands that we are attempting to rank for that specific keyword phrase?

For example, if we use the ever so popular method of "" as our domain name, how do we make sure that Google knows we are ranking for "orange peeling" rather than "orangepeelingHQ"?

I have a feeling it depends on the title and description we input into the wordpress site we use and the density of the keyword in our article. However, I run into the dilemma of titling the webpage and description as orangepeelingHQ vs orangepeeling.

Anybody have the answer??
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    Google has its own criteria to understand web pages and differentiate them.Your web page text will comprise all detail about your product or service.Google will pick the keywords & phrases to check the relation between them to know more about it.

    Rest will depend upon on-page & off-page optimization of page to rank on specific keyword "orange peeling"
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    It is not just about the domain name - it is about page title, content and backlinks as well. So build all 3 around your main keywords.
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      in todays world there is no difference between an EMD "" and "".

      LOOK at a Google results page. look at the results. what text is hi-lited? the URL, the Title, and the content.

      Those 3 elements are the base to good SEO. Add in on-page and off-page efforts and you will be fine.
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    If you want to target some keyword you can put it in tags like <h1> or <b> or <strong>. But don't overuse these tags because it can be harmful to the website. Also you can only use 1 <h1> tag on one page, having more than one is bad for optimization.
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    An exact match domain optimizes success for ranking a particular keyword, but it doesn't even come near the amount of importance of as on-page SEO, content and backlinking.

    As long as the particular phrase you are trying to rank for is in the title however, that is enough. It doesn't have to be the exact keyword.
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