How many backlinks considered as good enough?

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Dear Fellow Warriors,

Can u give some feedback and opinions based on your knowledge and experience about numbers of back links for any site?

How many back links considered good enough for one site?

Please also share which site/tool u use to check your backlinks?

I've tried few sites to check backlinks and they will show different results. So, which one is considered good to choose?

For instance, i checked backlinks for my site and the result shows that my site is having about 900+ backlinks. Is it good or bad?

Thanks for respond.
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    That will very much depend on your niche and your competition for given keywords. In some cases, 15 backlinks would do, in other cases, you are not good with 1,500. Much depends on what kind are the links too.

    As to checking your backlink profile, the best thing you could do is use google webmaster tools and yahoo site explorer (which has its limitations - displays up to 1k links for instance).
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    can not sqay how much need.. IF in th ewemaster tool display 50-100 is better. If the BL stay for long time wil be very good. Age of BL is very important. Also backlinkwatch .com is the best tool for checking the BL or use webmaster tool but not show all
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    Originally Posted by Katie Byrd View Post

    I use the SeoQuake plugin for Firefox. Just search on your desired keyword in google and it will show you how many backlinks each site has. That's an easy way to get a ballpark # for how many links you'll have to build to rank for that search term.
    Hi Katei,

    This is good info. Definitely i'll check it out.

    Thanks for all feedbacks.

    Nothing to sell

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    it not just about numbers.. but more important is the quality of your backlinks.. but, to make sure you can maintain / boost your ranking is consistantly build a backlinks..
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    Like someone else said, it depends on your niche, but I would never be content with any number of links. You should always work on adding more links over time for great stability!
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    It depends on your competition, However, SEO Cannot be define as far as the algorithm of search engines are secret forever.... so, as a result, keep on getting backlinks, at least try to get 30-45 backlinks daily from 20-30 domains... that will be more helpful
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    The amount of backlinks that are required is the exact amount that it takes for you to be where you want to be in the search results. ie. if your search term or keyword that you are targeting is "scooby snacks" then you may need 2-3 back links to rank in google. However, if your main/ money keyword is "online marketing" then it may require several thousand back links. (and time)
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