A few backlinks from Mega Sites vs Many from lower quality sites. Thoughts?

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I currently have a budget of around $20k to buy links for a very serious SEO campaign.

We have targeted around 55 sites to spend around $15k on.

Sites like Huffington, Forbes, Inc, Entrepreneur, CNN, USAToday, and several other very reputable sites.

Would we be better off going after these giants for 15k or spending that 15k on another SEO strategy? Say a PBN, or lower quality links but still decent.
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    Can you split it?

    The links from those mentioned domains will do wonders for your rankings (providing they are followed), they will also likely send a lot of traffic if the page is relevant.

    The only problem is that you don't have any control over the links.

    If you spend some of the money on a PBN you have complete control over the relevancy and links, for your budget you could build a pretty powerful one too.

    It is also the difference between white and black hat.

    I'd prefer the reputable sites personally, but there is no harm in having both bases covered, as 55 links from those mentioned sites will rank absolutely anything, but getting it for 20k, not too sure you will get 55.

    Build a 5k PBN and spend 15k on links (if they are relevant and followed).

    To cut it down to it's basics...

    Fewer Quality Sites > Greater number of lesser sites

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    Thanks for the reply! Some quick notes. Some of these links cost 800.00-3500.00 and seem to go "viral" gaining more links from other sites. I managed to get 17 sites like CNN, Huffington, Forbes, Inc, Entrepreneur, Business, Allbusiness, buzzfeed, lifehack, USAtoday, epochtimes ect. All do-follow. Another 30 links on similar sites for much cheaper (15.00-70.00) a link published by lesser known publishers and around half being no-follow. Then another 8-10 Topical sites with very good metrics 50 TF or so.

    I assume most links will be a brand mention or url,

    What do you think of a strategy where build a PBN to hit "keyword anchors" and leave the Brand and URL anchors to the big guys?
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    I would also suggest you the same as already mentioned by @massiveray, You should invest 15k on reputable sites to get high quality links and rest 5k to invest on PBN so that you can continue to get desired anchor text links, and you can also increase these PBN SEO value by continuous sharing valuable information and content.
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    High quality links always work best! So, do what massiveray said. If you have the budget on the websites you mentioned, you'll probably get amazing results (traffic wise, for sure!)
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    Here's a quick tip.

    If you do intend on going with the really HQ sites, make sure you prepare a list of influencers that have shared similar content beforehand so that once the content is live you can outreach and ask them to take a look.

    That way you won't have to sit and wait till they see it.
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    I agree with massiveray. High quality links can help you improve your ranking, but you should be careful as to which link to go for, also if it is related to your niche. It is not a good idea to buy low quality links. It is always a good idea to do social media marketing. This can help you get some quality traffic.
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    go for big sites.
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    I can help you buy links from huge sites like forbes etc. You will see boost in keyword rankings GUARANTEED, no matter how strong that keyword is. I have many references. Let me know if you;re interested.

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    $20k is a lot of budget for SEO, what kind of site do you have? Are you building brand name or money site? You can rank your site using SAPE links, PBN and diversification for lot less money.

    Best regards,

    CPA Beyond

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    Be very careful with buying links of any kind. If there is a trace that you have purchased them links, Google will penalise you for it. Buying brand exposure on high profile sites is fine as it can do wonders and create a load of totally natural links in the process - which is the ultimate goal.

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    Originally Posted by tim2963 View Post

    Sites like Huffington, Forbes, Inc, Entrepreneur, CNN, USAToday, and several other very reputable sites.
    Sites like that will not sell any links for any "SEO" campaign.

    They sell ads.

    What you are doing is spending 20k on advertising. Nothing wrong with that,
    but it has nothing to do with SEO.


    If you were disappointed in your results today, lower your standards tomorrow.

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