Do links to a YouTube video improve your website's SEO?

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Hi all,

I have a website where I do product reviews. In addition to writing a review, I make video reviews for each product and upload the videos to YouTube (as well as embed them in my reviews on my website).

I'm trying to improve my website's search rankings and was wondering -- would building backlinks to my YouTube videos improve my website's SEO?

My YouTube account is linked to my website, and I link to my website in every video description.

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    It would help indirectly from the boost in natural traffic, but if you're going to do that then you may as well just build those links to your website instead. That's much more beneficial from an SEO standpoint.

    The only time you shouldn't go that route is if you're building junk links in a spammy way...don't ever point those to your website. Then again, I wouldn't necessarily point them to a Google property either (YouTube) since it would be easily spotted, so it all depends on the quality of the links you intend to build.

    Good links in your genre- your website
    Good links outside your genre- YouTube
    Everything else- forget about everything else

    I would personally just focus on good links within your genre though.

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    Hi mate,
    Yes it can improve your SEO performance as well as the site visitors also.
    It will help you to get organic visits.
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    Youtube is nofollow so it wont affect your SERP. Since SEO is improving the organic search of your website or (SERP) then no, it won't improve SEO.

    It will increase traffic to your website and if people wish to, they could create natural backlinks from that and in turn help your websites SEO indirectly.

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    You have to shoot the keywords on your youtube video.

    So that traffic will be redirected.

    From the youtube video to your website.

    When the video you have perngkat 1 in google. It will help the traffic to your site
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    No. Youtube links are nofollow.
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      Originally Posted by mkgg View Post

      No. Youtube links are nofollow.

      It does not give you rank in google.
      But will give you traffic.

      How does it work?

      YouTube is a video giant.
      Youtube save more than 1 billion users.
      Each user login every day.

      Only with seo in web user, you can get a lot of traffic.
      But it's true, it does not add nofollow and rank your site
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    I don't think this will improve your website's SEO. However, it will get you more views on your youtube channel. More views increase the chances of your video being liked and shared, which leads to even more people seeing it, which means more traffic for your website. So, keep doing it, it should help, traffic wise at least.
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    If your video is popular on YouTube, it probably could help in your site ranking.
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    Well it cannot directly help SEO, but can help indirectly..
    Google is not considering backlinks coming from Youtube,
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    The whole indirectly helps SEO is crap.

    Youtube is a nofollow link. No follow, no SEO.
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    Yes it does give a social media signal to your website - it helps if it's highly relevant content between your website and your YouTube videos. It sounds like you do, so yes, it does help.
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      Originally Posted by alvinchua91 View Post

      Yes it does give a social media signal to your website
      Ah, yes. Social signals, the homeopathy of search engine optimization. In reality you don't get anything, but the placebo effect makes you feel warm and tingly inside.

      Having your videos target the Google search, or optimizing for YouTube's search are of course completely different matter.
      Links in signature will not help your SEO. Not on this site, and not on any other forum.
      Who told me this? An ex Google web spam engineer.

      What's your excuse?
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    youtube links can generate lot of traffic from website links.
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